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About the Brand

Established in 2001, MOR Modern Apothecary continually strives to be the pioneering creator of bath, body and lifestyle products with distinctive ranges admired globally by consumers and the beauty industry alike.

MOR’s philosophy is to provide a unique sensory journey, where an everyday practice turns into an indulgent daily ritual - from the finely blended formulation, to the exceptionally detailed and opulent packaging.

MOR invites you to experience and surrender to the awakening of your senses, with the blending of old time ingredients, uniquely selected fragrances and luxuriously rich creations.

Each collection is inspired by the tales of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, and art allowing the creation of a truly unique story, capturing and emanating a moment in time.

Welcome to the world of MOR


Behind the Brand

MOR Modern Apothecary, designs manufactures and distributes luxurious bath, body and lifestyle products.

 Lead by Managing Director and owner Jeff Nadelman, the Company resides in Melbourne, Australia and has a highly dynamic group of people behind the brand.

At the forefront of every department is the brand’s essence, the potential to evolve, innovate and enhance. Admired globally by consumers and the beauty industry alike, MOR continually strives to push the industry’s boundaries to take one on an indulgent sensory journey by creating luxuriously rich products.

All MOR creations are inspired by tales of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, and art which create unique stories and collections that are continually refined and developed to capture the essence of luxury and modern apothecary.

From the product’s initial inception, much care is taken in creating the finely blended formulations,selecting an elegant mix of unique fragrances and decadently designing the packaging.

Today, MOR presents a distinctive array of collections containing exquisite products available in beautiful boutiques and desirable department stores across the globe.